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We all have stress.  So what is it, and better yet, how do we keep control of it??

What is stress?

Stress is a normal human emotion; it is how you react to the pressures – the stressors -- in your life.


We all have pressures to some extent or another.  Therefore we all have stress.  The goal is to minimize your reactions to the pressures and then you’ll feel less stress.

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The good news is that stress management is a learnable skill.  Although some folks have better predispositions to handling stress via their genetics, for the most part you can learn to handle stress, much like you learned your ABCs.

Stress is a DANGER ALERT! that goes off in your head. The number of bells, sirens, and flashing lights – the intensity of the ALERT – depends upon how you perceive the pressure (the stressor.)  The stronger you see the pressure to be, the higher the alert!


Even more specifically, the stress ALERT is a false alarm.  We’re all born with this system and it’s actually a good thing.  But the scientific reason we have it is to help us in dealing with actual physical danger.


A physiological response is triggered when the DANGER ALERT! goes on.  You’ve heard of it, it’s called “fight or flight,” and it’s the natural instinct that helps us to run from danger or stay and fight it.


It’s very normal to feel afraid when you are in real and immediate physical danger.  In fact your body may get pumped up with adrenaline, which in turn may keep you safe, even alive.  

But most of the time when we feel stressed there is not really a real or immediate danger.  It’s a false alarm ringing in our heads.  It’s like a fire alarm going off, but there’s no fire.




Stress Management

The best course of action though is to avoid getting stressed to begin with.  Although staying un-stressed all the time is more of a goal than an attainable permanent state, there is much you can do to help yourself.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods are the most utilized around the world for stress management, anger management, depression, anxiety disorders, and more.  


There is a direct connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors –how we think is how we feel—and our stress levels are also regulated up or down by how we're feeling about what's going on around us.


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is a specific type of CBT that is particularly helpful for stress management.


It’s not what’s happening to us, or what happened to us in the past that gives way to our stress, but instead how we’re thinking about what happened or what is happening.

Overcoming stress is actually easier than you think.  Most often it just takes a little re-training in your self-talk.

Is there a magic stress pill?

 For many people there is. Herbal supplements provide stress relief, safely and effectively.  To learn more about which herbs to use for stress, go here >>

If you have difficulties during the holiday season, learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder.


So people simply talk themselves into stress more than others.  You can also talk yourself out of it--learn more here.

Stress Tips

Most health insurance companies now include coverage for mental health. Be sure and talk with your doctor about your stress. Insurance providers now recognize that mental health
is just as vital to physical health in the overall well-being and upkeep of the human body.

Learn more below about psychotherapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and how it can help you with STRESS MANAGEMENT.


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