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Online counselling is effective for stress, anxiety, anger, depression, bipolar disorder, marriage and relationships, and more. research indicates that online counseling methodology has been proven to be of help to those suffering from emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, relationships, and more.  Online counselors differ in their use of technology, some use a chat format while others use email. Both online counseling services have shown to have efficacy similar, but not quite up to, that of one-on-one therapy.  While online professional counseling is somewhat new--only as "young" as the Internet itself--there has now been sufficient time to analyze the data and compare to traditional psychotherapy.  A note of caution: wherever you seek online counsellors, be sure to see if they have their qualifications, experience and education degree clearly posted so that you may be sure you are dealing with a professional qualified to suit your needs. Care needs to be exercised when selecting an online therapist.


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