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By Monique N. Gilbert, B.Sc.                                                                                     
Personal Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach                               
Stress and anxiety can prematurely age our mind and body.  If not dealt with effectively, chronic stress and worrying can place undue strain upon our cardiovascular and immune systems.  It can also make us prone to mood disorders and negatively affect our cognitive functions.  Having a safe and comfortable place where we can relax and unwind can help improve our well-being and produce feelings of peace and tranquility. 
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Ideally, creating an atmosphere that induces calmness throughout your home is best.  However, if space is limited, you still can create your own oasis, even if it is in only a corner of a room or in a cubical at work.  Here are eight easy ways to make your personal space a true comfort zone.
1. Tranquil Sounds.  Your favorite music, sound machines and water falls can help you relax and unwind.  Sounds have the ability to alter our perceptions and instantly change your mood.
2.  Living Plants.  Live plants create a peaceful atmosphere.  They improve the ambiance and air quality of indoor environments, and induce a positive energy around them.
3.  Soft Lighting.  Soft and adjustable lighting can create a soothing atmosphere.  Look for light bulbs that are bright, but not harsh.  Being able to adjust the brightness of your lighting will give you more control of the mood of your space.
4.  Pleasant Smells.  A fresh and pleasant odor can transport you to a peaceful place and time.  Open a window to get an exchange of air, use air purifiers or deodorizers to create the scent you find most pleasing.
5. Furniture Arrangement.  Place your furniture and other items to best fit your daily needs and actions.  Personalize your space with things that bestow happy memories.
6.  Comfortable Textures.  Use pillows, throws and soft materials to create a comfort zone.  Our sense of touch has a powerful impact upon our feelings.
7. Symbols of Nature.  Bring the outdoors inside with shells, rocks, feathers, wood, leaves, etc. 
8.  Answering Machine.  When you need to unwind and revitalize, turn your answering machine on and the volume down.  You can always return calls when you are recharged and ready to talk.
Take control of your surroundings, whether they are just a corner of a room or a desk at work.  You can even use these steps when traveling to help you unwind.  By creating your own personal oasis, you will be better able to relax and rejuvenate.  A few changes may be all that you need to make yourself calm, peaceful, energized and inspired.
Monique N. Gilbert, B.Sc. is a Personal Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Counselor and Author.  Go to to learn more about Monique's personal coaching program. 
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