REBT Essentials for dealing with the "circle of anxiety"

I don't have to make myself anxious about anything, or put myself down if I stupidly and foolishly do make myself anxious.

My anxiety is bad, but I'm not bad.

I don't always have to feel comfortable, and it isn't awful when I don't.

I can bear—and bear with—anxiety: it won't kill me.

It is not necessary to be in perfect control of my anxious moments. To demand that I be in control only multiplies my symptoms.

Others are not required to treat me with kid gloves when I feel uncomfortable.

The world doesn't have to make it easy for me to get a handle on my anxiety.

Anxiety is a part of life; it is not bigger than life.

My over-reactive nervous system is a part of my life, but it's not bigger than life.

I can take my anxiety with me when going places and doing things that I am reluctant to do (or stay isolated).

Controlling my anxiety is important, but hardly urgent.

Comfort is nice, but not necessary.

I don't have to be the one person in the universe to feel comfortable all the time.

Anxiety and panic are burrs in my saddle: highly inconvenient and uncomfortable, but hardly awful.

I don't have to hassle myself or put myself down for not coping better with my anxiety.

This, too, will likely pass.

I can blend in with the flow of my anxiety; I don't have to go tooth-and-nail, head-on with it.

If I feel anxious, I feel anxious—tough!

I may have my anxiety, but I am not my anxiety.

I don't have to shame or demean myself for anything—including creating tight knots in my gut.

Bill Borcherdt.  REBT Resource Book for Practitioners.  Albert Ellis Institute.

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